Water Reporting and Monitoring Data Management Tool

Greenview is a Windows-based continuous watershed quantity and quality-monitoring program intended for managing and displaying watershed management site environmental data. This J2EE and Oracle 10g-based application provides the most powerful features available for managing environmental data in a user-customizable database of water, metals, nutrients, soil properties and drinking water standards information.
Greenview includes environmental database management and graphical applications for tracking and analyzing ground-water data at EPA and EPD facilities, and for surface water, ground water, soil, ash, sludge, bio-tissue, metals,
nutrients and air pollution monitoring data. Greenview also provides watershed assessment, tracking and environmental results that unite water quality information that was previously available only from several independent and unconnected databases.
  Features of Greenview  
Uses Enterprise J2EE application to process data and allow the general public to review it via the website.
The user interface is designed using Web 2.0 standards such as DTHML and AJAX.
Utilizes the GIS Module to map and display data from remote stations.
Data can be presented in the web interface by displaying actual satellite imaginary of the data station.
Provides visual alerts based on the dynamic collected data.
Built-in data migration tools convert data from legacy databases to Oracle 10g.
Custom interface to input data directly from the data station.
  Benefits of Greenview  
Data is stored on a central server.
Data can be presented to any individual over a easy to use web interface.
Enterprise architecture enables migration of data from legacy databases to state-of-the-art Oracle database for easy storage and retrieval of large amounts of data collected over decades.
User-friendly interface enables easy retrieval of appropriate data in a short time.
Easy customization of the software application and various parameters.
  Existing Implementation  
  Successfully implemented GreenView at the Environment Protection Division, Department of Natural Resources of Georgia. The interface can be viewed at http://www.georgiaepd.org/dnr/wrdb/homePage.do.  
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