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Real Time Technology Services (RTTECHS) is a US-based, privately held software solutions company with an impressive track record of providing value-added solutions and services to Fortune 5000 companies and government agencies. We are a comprehensive IT consulting practice with an emphasis in custom software development and providing IT Solutions & Talent acquisition. Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, RTTECHS and its teaming partners are focused on providing solutions & services to clients in public, private and government sectors.


We will be a global solution provider company that would be among the top ten in its field.

  We will achieve this by -  
Distinguish ourselves as an innovative provider of high-quality information technology solutions.
Being the fastest in finding, attracting and retaining skilled, talented and reliable IT professionals To design, develop, market & service range of high technology & cost effective quality products & services.
Be recognized for our ability to rapidly provide these solutions in the most challenging and complex situations.
Emerge one of the top solution & services & benchmark for information technology industry through continuous commitments to quality & being customer focus.
Establishing a "business partner" relationship with our clients where we are the "preferred choice" to provide them with information technology solutions.
  Since the early days of our founding, several core beliefs have been instilled in our employees:  
Integrity. We will keep our word and be truthful in our interactions with customers, suppliers and employees.
Innovation. We have a strong desire and ability to venture into new, breakthrough areas of technology and opportunity.
Growth. We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves, both as a company and as individual employees.
Harmony. We foster a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere within our company and in our dealings with others.
Success. We exhibit the will and determination to succeed in every aspect of our work.
  Our mission governs our employees’ daily activities and guides us in holding true to our vision and corporate values. To achieve our mission’s goals we:  
Deliver customer-focused information technology solutions through innovation and collaboration with those we serve in the government and commercial markets
Develop strategic relationships with our technology providers to ensure our customers have access to superior technology.
Strive for innovation by providing our employees with an environment that encourages creative solutions.
Cultivate employee excellence through a system of rewards to recognize employee achievement.
Promote organizational quality through a unique integration of people, process and technology.
Support the needs of our community through charitable activities.k.
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